Dave Cotner, Trustee
P: 740-503-5913
Email: dcotnertrustee@gmail.com

Fire Department - Non Emergency
P: 740-756-4644
F: 740-756-7880
Email: chief560@greenfieldtwp.org

John Reef, Sr., Trustee
P: 740-689-8685
C: 740-503-3316
F: 740-689-9899
Email: jreeftrustee@gmail.com

John Schwinne, Fire Chief
P: 740-756-4644
Email: chief560@greenfieldtwp.org

Kevin Yeamans, Zoning Inspector
P: 740-756-9378
C: 740-808-1882
Email: zoning@greenfieldtwp.org

Lonnie Kosch, Trustee
P: 740-503-5941
Email: lkoschtrustee@gmail.com

Mary Kessler, Assistant to the Fiscal Officer
P: 740-756-9377
Email: depclerk@greenfieldtwp.org

Dawn Wyne, Fiscal Officer
P: 740-756-9221
Email: clerk@greenfieldtwp.org

Tom Shafer, Road and Cemetery Superintendent
P: 740-756-4930
F: 740-756-4169
Email: roadcemetery@greenfieldtwp.org


Fairfield County  - Carroll, Ohio
Greenfield Township