The Greenfield Township Fire Department proudly protects over 5000 people living in an area of 32 square miles. We operate out of 1 station that protect a primarily rural area.

Our department is a public department with an ISO rating of 5/9.  Our members include a combination of paid and volunteer status.

Open Burning Permit No Longer Required ! The Greenfield Township Open Burning Regulations have updated to meet the State Fire Marshal's Standards. Please read carefully before you burn.
Greenfield Township Fire Truck
Search and Rescue
First-Aid / CPR classes
Home Safety Inspections
Extinguisher Training
Bring Our Trucks to Birthday Parties - locally
Provide on-site Medical Care for sporting Events- locally
Greenfield Township Fire Station
The department shifted from all volunteer to part paid in 1997, adding part-time personnel during the day. Part-time paid coverage was expanded to 24/7 with two, twelve hour shifts.  In March 2002, four full-time firefighters were appointed.  We now have two full-time and two part-time firefighter/EMT's on duty 24/7.  December 20, 2018, Brad Smith was promoted to Fire Chief. Brad started his career with the department in December 2010 and has held several positions.
Greenfield Township Fire Truck with hose
We are located near the intersection of Coonpath and Electionhouse Roads about 1 mile east of US Rt.33 between Columbus and Lancaster.

Founded in 1948 and located in the village of Carroll, the first Engine was housed for two years in a service station garage in Carroll.  The first section of old Station 560 in Carroll  (which was expanded twice over the years) was erected in 1950. In 2006 we moved to our new station on Havensport Road.
P: 740-756-4644
Emergencies: 9-1-1
3245 Havensport Rd. NW
Carroll, OH 43112
460.625 Mhz
maid box fire department
Everyone knows the adage "Every Second Counts" when we're referring to an emergency, and it's true. The difference between life and death may only be a few seconds for a victim. This fact has not been ignored by governmental agencies and community organizations; millions and millions of dollars have been poured into technologically advanced E-911 systems over the past 15-20 years. Even today, the hot topic is wireless E-911 concerning cell phones dialing 911.

However, with all of this technology, we've ignored one small problem. People don't mark their addresses sufficiently for emergency personnel to find them.

Our goal is to eliminate this problem. For the past 15 years we have been providing reflective address signs to our citizens at our cost. We would like to see every residence in the township marked with one of these signs. You can’t imagine how frustrating it is to our emergency responders when they know someone is in dire need, and they cannot find, or read, the house numbers on the mailboxes. When they find the next readable number and realize they have past the actual address, then they have to turn around and go back. This all takes time, and lost time equals lost life or property in our business. The sign, including numbers for both sides, cost only $20.00, and could save your life. We always have them on hand at the fire station. Please bring exact amount or a check as we do not keep cash on hand at the station.