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Sale of Lots
Lots can be sold to residents or non-residents of the Township according to the prices listed. Payment is to be made to Greenfield Township and will be due, in full, at the time of purchase.

Opening and closing of graves must be arranged through the Cemetery Office. Payment is due prior to interment. Interment fees are as follows:

Cemetery Fee Schedule
Fee Schedule

Indigent Burial
Burial Policy

Concrete base for gravestones are required, and arrangements are to be made through the Township Cemetery Department. All headstones shall be placed at the head of the grave. All footstones shall be placed at the foot of the grave.

Cremain Urns
Urns for cremains shall not exceed 18” in height. Urns shall be the permanent type constructed of marble, manmade stone composition, bronze or steel. Pre-cast concrete urn vaults may be used with a temporary cardboard or plastic urn within, provided the outside dimension of the vault does not exceed 18 inches in height. Temporary type urns made of plastic, cardboard, wood or other similar material, may be used if there are no plans to relocate the cremains at a later date. Greenfield Township will not assume any responsibility for damage incurred while relocating an urn constructed of temporary type materials.

Flags will be placed on the graves of veterans by the Township during the week before Memorial Day and will be removed during the week following Labor Day.
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Email: roadcemetery@greenfieldtwp.org

4663 Carroll-Cemetery Road
Carroll, Ohio 43112

7:00 AM – 3:30 PM
(On call as needed)