Residential Zoning



Recently, the Greenfield Township staff has received an uptick in concerns and questions related to zoning requirements for home occupations within the Township. The Board of Trustees recognizes that home occupations are essential to create a diverse economy, now perhaps more than ever, in light of the changing work styles and schedules. One of the purposes of this pamphlet is to provide Township residents with some information in the event there are questions as to whether or not the work that is being conducted in a home requires a zoning permit. Please note that the Zoning Resolution does not prevent or restrict a resident from having a home office or working from home as a “satellite” employee, when these types of operations have no additional employees, no regular in-home meetings or appointments, requires no signage or identification, and all of the work functions occur entirely within the primary residence.

The Zoning Resolution has certain restrictions for “limited” or “expanded” home occupations. If a property owner would like to engage in a limited or expanded home occupation, then the property owner must obtain a zoning certificate in order to conduct the home occupation on the property. In most zoning districts, a limited home occupation is a permitted accessory use, but must meet certain criteria. Additionally, in most districts, an expanded home occupation is a conditional use that may be permitted if approved by the Greenfield Township Board of Zoning Appeals. Regardless, a property with either a limited or expanded home occupation must obtain a zoning certificate for compliance with the Zoning resolution. For ease of review, with this pamphlet, you will find an excerpt from the Zoning Resolution that outlines the criteria for a limited and expanded home occupation. Please note that if a property has a limited or expanded home occupation operating on the property without the necessary approval, the Zoning Resolution provides the Township with the authority to take action to ensure compliance.

One of the purposes of this pamphlet is to provide a friendly reminder as to the zoning requirements related to a home occupation and to provide more information about the process for obtaining the required permits. This pamphlet is informational in nature, and in no way supersedes or replaces the restrictions of the Zoning Resolution. Please feel free to reach out to Tom Erlenwein, Zoning Inspector, with questions.